Work with drywall

Drywall is a modern material with a long tradition and proven properties. You will appreciate its reliability for:

  • wall cladding,
  • cladding ceilings,
  • drywall partitions, making shelves,
  • creating other structures.

We will edit drywall to the dimensions and shapes you require, including
all holes and other modifications. Drywall is typical
for quick, clean and hassle-free installation. Assembly of electric wiring, water pipes is quick finished behind drywall as well.

Drywall – solid, durable and suprasingly lightweight

Drywall is characterized by many unique qualities and their combinations
do not have other materials. Drywall is:

  • solid,
  • resistant,
  • lightweight (is not an obstacle to building static),
  • easy to repair (just putty is neccesary),
  • excels in long life..

The advantage of drywall is also an excellent sound and thermal insulation features. These properties you can reach by using drywall or by increasing the wall thickness which is has many other problems and your room becomes smaller. And finally – the drywall is absolutely flat and smooth (doesn’t have grooves or inequalities so well known from stucco).

Consultation, assessment and price calculation for free

We will carry out all the measurements and other necessary tasks for you free of charge. Our experts are happy to consult with you your project non-bindingly. We will advise you on what solution is best for you and what is not necessary for you (others will force you). We never increase price for our work. Our comprehensive calculation include all costs.

We prepare a detail calculation where you can check what are you paying for. Your finances will be always under control.

We will prepare a price calculation within 48 hours and tell you how long the drywall work will takes and what you can expect. In this calculation you can check what are you paying for.

You can rely on the expertise and experiences of our professionals.