Price list high-rise work

Service Price
Basic hourly rate of work at heights 450 Kč
Basic hourly rate of associated earthworks 250 Kč
Non-standard risk and professional work (welding,..) 650 Kč

Price list of cleaning/washing

Service Price
Washing of glass surfaces from 15 Kč/m2
Pressure washing of facades from 25 Kč/m2
Pressure washing of facades by hot water from 55 Kč/m2
Pressure washing of facades by hot steam from 65 Kč/m2
Cleaning of gutters from 25 Kč/m2

Price list of works for painting of facades

Service Price
Painting of facades (price including materiall) from 190 Kč/m2
Painting of facades (price without material) from 150 Kč/m2
Painting of tin roofs from 190 Kč/m2
Painting of metal elements (railings, antennas, etc.) from 220 Kč/m2
Antigraffity paint from 280 Kč/m2

Price list of construction work

Service Price
Masonry alteration – cutting the plaster 30 Kč/m2
Masonry alteration – application of facade 75 Kč/m2
Masonry alteration – (core + stucco) 700 Kč/m2
Wall insulation including the final dyed plaster from 850Kč/m2
Cementation of dilatation clefts from 160Kč/m2

Price list of painting work

Service – white paint Price
Primalex Linea from 20 Kč/m2
Primalex Standard from 22 Kč/m2
Primalex Plus from 25 Kč/m2
Primalex Polar from 30 Kč/m2
Primalex Fortissimo from 38 Kč/m2
Primalex Mikostop from 40 Kč/m2
Color painting – hand mixing Price
Light colors from 30 Kč/m2
Dark colors from 38 Kč/m2
Painting – according the sampler Price
Light from 38 Kč/m2
Dark from 45 Kč/m2
Washable od 50 Kč/m2
Dispersion painting Dulux Vinilmat Price
White from 45 Kč/m2
Color from 48 Kč/m2
Wall adjusments before painting Price
Scratching old paintings (one stratum) from 10 Kč/m2
Washing (melting) of the walls from 5 Kč/m2
Washing (melting) of the walls od 5 Kč/m2
Plastering (casting) of smaller walls For free
Cementing of the bigger cracks and holes from 79 Kč/m2
Penetration for reinforcing the walls from 8 Kč/m2
Graveling (for perfectly smooh walls), including grinding from 115 Kč/m2
Insulation of flowing spots from 55 Kč/m2

Price list of dry-wall work

Service Price
Ceiling simply jacketed/1xRB12,5mm 450 Kč/m2
Transom bilaterally jacketed 75mm RB12,5/RB12,5 mm 685 Kč/m2
Transom bilaterally jacketed 100 mm RB12,5/RB12,5 mm 725 Kč/m2
Transom bilaterally jacketed 125 mm RB12,5/RB12,5 mm 815 Kč/m2
Plasterboard painting/Primalex Plus 25 Kč/m2
Stocking of roof windows 1500 Kč/ks
Stocking of attic access holes 1500 Kč/ks
Cassette ceilings 450 Kč/m2
Asembly of door frames 250 Ks
Asembly of ALU corners 12 Kč/bm
Vapor tight foil 14 Kč/m2

Price list of the other service

Service Price
Installation of barriers against birds – spikes from 190 Kč/bm
Installation of barriers against birds – nets from 180 Kč/m2
Construction of the new lead | New roofing from fatrafol 400 Kč/m2
including thermal insulation thickness 10 cm from 600 Kč/m2

*These prices do not include tax